Monday, June 27, 2011

Goin to the Chapel: what to wear to your summer weddings

Its summer. Love is in the air. Your friends are getting engaged and married. Which also means they are determining where you will be vacationing this summer. If you're like me, as soon as you open the invitation, you are searching for the important details: time of year, location, and attire - all to determine exactly what to wear - the most exciting part!. And, my sweet friend, if you are not like me, weather its daunting or exciting to you, you still must wear something fabulous. So let the fun begin!!

Nothing looks more amazing than class. Dresses should not be too short, or too low cut. Its a wedding, not a girls night out, not matter how cute the groomsman might be.The woman who should receive the most attention is the bride, not a guest and her dress, or I will hunt you down. Pick legs or chest to bare tastefully, never both. Classiness looks good on everyone.


Carrie might have a stalker, and it might be me. Laugh if you will, but I occasionally think, what would carrie wear? and there is my inspiration. And although I do not have her wardrobe budget, I'm still inspired to find similar pieces. Start looking how your favorite celebrity styles herself  - you like her for a reason - time to rip out some pages in those magazines!

What to Wear, Where is one of my favorite books, from my favorite editors (founders of They have a section on wedding attire in this book and its filled with ideas. And I'm borrowing a couple here

Black Tie: Formality is key. Lean towards long gowns, solids work best. Metallics and jewel tones are great options, and if you to opt for a short dress, no mini's. Lastly, save your chunky heels for either a night out, or a more casual maxi in the day time. Stick to your fancy stilettos.

       One shoulder Red Gown at Revolve        


                                   Riller & Fount Revolve $189                                            
 Cocktail Attire: Most popular and common. My brother-in-law's and future SIL wedding will be this August!! And this describes their wedding best. Mainly held in the evenings and indoors or underneath a tent, you can make this as dressy as you want. Stay away from cotton and fabrics that are too casual. And if you have a solid dress, accessorize with long necklaces, bracelets, and/or chandelier earrings (but not all 3). If you (and, oh please) wear a one-shoulder, add on some fabulous bracelets; there's already a lot going on around the neck. Have fun with this one. Embrace cheery colors. Avoid neon's and colors that are TOO bright. You do not want to be that girl who is spotted in every picture once they get their photos back.

Cinching at the waist is flattering

If you're going to opt for a long dress for a Cocktail/evening attire (which is great!) make sure to look for something that still highlights your shape. Cinching at the waist, attention to the shoulders or collarbone, etc. This is a great look for those who don't feel comfortable to show a lot of skin, feel they need a tan before they show off them legs, or are new moms and are getting back into the swing of things. Anytime a dress cinches at the waist with ruching - go for it!! it flatters every age, shape and size!

Evening/Casual: My sister is getting married at the end of summer and this describes her wedding best. Their ceremony will be at the little white church where we grew up, and the reception to follow at our friend's  one-acre rustic setting- with plenty of wildflowers and mason jars! Flats are acceptable at evening casual weddings, and wedges preferred (preferred by me of course) that way you still elongate your legs, and your heels won't get stuck outside in any grass. Most importantly, embrace the "relax and celebrate!" vibe that the bride wants everyone to share.

                          Lulu's silk maxi print dress - $100         H&M solid wrap dress $35.95

                               H&M strapless dress $34.95     Parker flowy wrap dress -shopbop $253

Daytime Wedding: Summer is the best time to attend a Daytime Wedding. Here is where you can pull out your bright colors, your comfy cotton fabrics, and not to mention, your favorite sunglasses. Note: its painful that I even feel the need to say it- but do NOT wear your "sporty" sunglasses. oye. Cute one's only please. you can get them for $10 at Nordstrom.These weddings are sometimes on the beach, in rustic settings, or in a beautiful open space - soak up that sun in a fabulous sundress. Lastly - no flip flops unless the bride requests it, no matter how "cute" you think they might be. Flat sandals, yes. Flip flops, no.

Tell your bride she is beautiful, enjoy the party, and most importanly, wear something you feel comfortable in. No one wants to be self-concious at an event when you should be celebrating!!

cheers to summer weddings

Friday, June 17, 2011

Navajo Nation

The cool part about getting dressed every morning, is having ENDLESS possibilities. I know to some, that sentence alone makes you feel overwhelmed. My point is, you can embrace certain trends, and just tip toe into others by adding only an accessory, or tiny statement pieces... but the fun part is to just try - you might end up loving something you never thought you would.

Which leads us right to all the Navajo prints and pieces that are so fun right now!!! You can look at this a couple of different ways: Navajo, Aztec, Moroccan, Southwestern etc. whatever you want! make it your own. Its everywhere! (we should probably be thanking Jacob Black who made Native Americans oh so cool once again as that hunk of a Navajo warewolf. Everyone knows I would have been team Jacob if I were Bella. Edward? really?) and a lot of Navajo inspiration comes from its bold prints, earthy tones, and relaxed, boho vibes. We thank you Jacob for helping in the tiny way you did.

Remember when it comes to fashion, what may feel like "wrong" can be oh so right. So make sure you wear it how you want to, showing your way to do things. But the only rules meant to follow are: only wear one piece of a trend at a time (no wearing all of the below at once, maybe 2 of the below... MAYBE.) And don't be matchy-matchy. Gone are the days of matching colors; just stick to being in the same color family, not exact. And go rock it, you Wild NavajoWoman.

Such a subtle way to wear Navajo print for this summer. Free shipping both ways at Zappos!

Easy print to pair with cut off boyfriend shorts or skinnies. Layer it with lots and lots of bracelets. And then add a few more.

Don't be scared of the Pancho. seriously, what doesn't go with your cut off boyfriend shorts this summer?

Pair with an over sized white, heather grey, yellow, orange (endless options) over sized top/tank. Tuck it in, add some flat sandals and a cuff. Done. 

Are you starting to get the idea?

Or if its too much as a main style, accessories, handbags or shoes!!!

Great price and it could add so much to a solid grey maxi dress


Big Buddha bags are amazing - great prices; vegan leather

Confession: cleobella bags are a weakness. LOVE them

easy way to wear the trend is in a scarf

so fun

And it doesn't scream "Navajo" or "Jacob come find me"

Remember - only one piece of the trend per outfit... and the only rule to follow is no matchy-matchy with trends and colors. How fun are these with high-waisted flairs and a white tank?!

And just wait til Fall - the sweaters and coats that will be around are amazing.... like a sneak peak at a BB Dakota Jacket available this fall - so soon!!! and much more to come


Sunday, June 12, 2011

All American Girl

Maybe its because its summertime, and I love the 4th of July, or maybe its my OBSESSION with country music (New Country Music), or the fabulous 70's era I'm constantly inspired by .... or maybe just because, "I really do want world peace" - Gracie Hart Miss Congeniality style. Whatever it is, American flags on tee's are fantastic. Rock it with your flares, with your boyfriend cut off shorts, or your skinnies. Tuck it in, or leave it out. Wear it baggy, and roll the sleeves.

Make sure to stack it with lots of fun, beaded, colorful bracelets like 31 Bits bracelets (AND 31 bits supports and amazing cause!)

Whatever you do, wear it with style, support your troops, and God Bless America.

Kate Bosworth in Top Shop at Coachella (don't worry, this top sold out in MINUTES, I already tried)
oh, to be as cool as Kate Boswroth

easy for any budget; great for every style

Urban Outfitters $29 tank
Anyone can wear this... especially with these acid washed shorts. What's not to love?

Wildfox has the best tee's. $77 at Karmaloop; roll the sleeves, it looks amazing

More subtle; still patriotic (ah, yes, and you safe girls can feel a little more comfortable now)

Proud to be an American

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey Tiger....

I used to hate animal print. hate. until it started looking really cool. Its kind of part of all that fabulous 70's going on. Wear as much or little of it as you want. Just don't ever break the rule of wearing 2 animal print pieces at a time. Ew. Either in accessories, or dresses, or tanks. Resist the mixing.
Its time to bring out that inner tigress in you.

                                       $23 animal print top
Easy cut-out shoulder shirt for $23. love them (and PS free shipping over $75)

                                            is AMAZING. make sure you type it correctly right into your browser - don't want any typo's with this name ;)  


This Parker silk, racer-back dress can be worn with anything, anywhere, anytime.

And my main inspiration behind this blog anyway is to tell the "Emily's" of the world that she is super cute and can rock anything!!! She is what we call a "safe girl" hmmmmm sound familiar??? hey safe girl, no more hiding.
 Em's my little sister. PS see how amazing she looks in this long animal print maxi???  - she was fighting me in wearing it, and thankfully gave in. is it illegal if I post this without her permission?  ...sisterhood says its fine.
Forever 21 Animal Print