Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey Tiger....

I used to hate animal print. hate. until it started looking really cool. Its kind of part of all that fabulous 70's going on. Wear as much or little of it as you want. Just don't ever break the rule of wearing 2 animal print pieces at a time. Ew. Either in accessories, or dresses, or tanks. Resist the mixing.
Its time to bring out that inner tigress in you.

                                       $23 animal print top
Easy cut-out shoulder shirt for $23. love them (and PS free shipping over $75)

                                            is AMAZING. make sure you type it correctly right into your browser - don't want any typo's with this name ;)  


This Parker silk, racer-back dress can be worn with anything, anywhere, anytime.

And my main inspiration behind this blog anyway is to tell the "Emily's" of the world that she is super cute and can rock anything!!! She is what we call a "safe girl" hmmmmm sound familiar??? hey safe girl, no more hiding.
 Em's my little sister. PS see how amazing she looks in this long animal print maxi???  - she was fighting me in wearing it, and thankfully gave in. is it illegal if I post this without her permission?  ...sisterhood says its fine.
Forever 21 Animal Print


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