Sunday, July 24, 2011

onesies are not only for newborns

I hear it all the time "I can't wear that"... lies. Its not so much what you wear, its how you wear it!! Thats a saying in the Cotter home: its not the what's, its the how's... so apply it to the jumper you haven't bought yet.

I know you're first argument: Kate, you're tall... so you can get away with it. Not true! my adorable sister in law, who is only 5'2'' and tiny, bought the same jumper I did at H&M.. and she ROCKS it! she put it with heels, she cinched that already tiny waist of hers, and mwah! a masterpiece!!

Its all about playing up your best features. If you're petite, then always, always wear your jumper with heels. It will elongate your legs and make you appear taller.

If you are a pear or hourglass (like yours truly) then make sure you are cinching your waist, with either a self included belt, or one you add on your own. This romper you can find at H&M for $19.95. Not to mention you will look 70's chic. In stores now!

If you are an apple shape... you will have the toughest time finding one (most cinche at the waist)Try one instead that shows off those killer legs of yours and has more of a drop waist. Like this BB Dakota one. Why would you, my sweet apple, ever want to hide those fantastic legs of yours?! opt for a short jumper instead!

If you are a regtangle, then find one that helps create curves. Haulters style tops and skinny style pants look amazing on you - you slender, toned thing... so rock this one from Topshop!!

give the baby a break from the jumper. Be inspired by it and find one for yourself. Remember, its about the "how's" Accesorize it and make it your own! When in doubt, the safest way is to wear a romper is an all black, wide legged, thin strapped, easy fit. It will flatter every body type and can be worn in place of a dress. Dress it up, dress it down, it won't fail you.

Get. One. NOW.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Math Skills

Its a good thing I paid attention in Math. Laugh if you will, but my high school math teacher (Miss Brush)would literally give me visual pictures of a closet.... then somehow explain things to me until I finally understood what the heck she was talking about, and related it back to math. Somehow, after working hard every semester, I squeeked out an A thanks to Miss Brush.

All I know now is there is one simple formula you must learn and live your life by:

Real Price Tag = cost divided by the number of times you wear it

We can basically call this, cost per wear. (CPW, stay with me) Example, I splurged on a fabulous pair of jeans. Yes, jeans. I haven't bought a pair of contemporary, nice denim for a while, and with the flare, faded, high waisted denim everywhere I've been drooling over, I had to. They're Mother jeans, and I love them. Find them at Shopbop. I had gift cards from my birthday, and I thought a perfect way to spend it on something I usually wouldn't. The price? $220. ouch right? (Don't judge, I said I used gift cards) 
However, If we brought our equation into this situation, I've worn them about 15 times since May 16th. At this rate, $220/15 times worn I'm looking at $14.60 so far. Give me all the way into the fall season and they'll be paying me to wear these jeans!! ok, not really.

My point: they are an investment. Sometimes its worth laying off the cheapy forever 21 (sometimes, not always dear friends) If you lay off a little you can wait to save and wait to buy something nice that you LOVE.

Happy girl withmy new jeans

Another example this summer: I could walk into Foreign Exchange and buy a bunch of accessories, a cute top, or a dress and before I realize it, that can add up to $83 quick! (or spend this way through out the week at Target, or popping in th H&M, don't deny you do it!!) OR I could buy a pair of wedges I'll wear all summer long with dresses and skirts and flares and and and...

Say maybe wedges just like these... available at Zappos... for $83...

The catch: just not buying the little things here and there becuase "its only $10, or $20, or $13.80 at Forever 21. Who knows that top you thought was cute you've only worn it once, maybe twice by now, and you're over it.

I LOVE Charlie Jade dresses they are fantastic. They are perfect for all your summer weddings, summer showers, nice family events, vacationing, date night, and holiding onto it for next summer to wear it all over again (because its made nicely and will actually last until then)! You love it, figure out your CPW, and if its worth it, then get it! and know now that you must lay off your other purchases for a little bit! Its ok to treat yourself (working girl I'm talking to YOU!)

Find this Dress at Dolcetti Boutique
(don't worry they have an online site for those of you who aren't close enough to Downtown San Diego to experience they're fabulous store!)

I do love my inexpensive fixes sometimes. Don't think I"m a label snob, no ma'am!! But its important to mix your wardrobe with nicely made, invenstement pieces along side inexpensive, fun, trendy pieces. I just wore a dress similiar to this Charlie Jade dress to my sister's bridal shower, and mixed it with my inexpensive bangels and sandals from Foreign Exchange. You will be seeing me in my dress a plenty because I LOVE it!

So save, invest, hold off on cheapy's for a few weeks, and treat yourself to something you LOVE, and when you're contemplating whether you should buy it just remember: CPW - Cost Per Wear. 

Happy Investing!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maxi Skirt

By this point in the year you should have several maxi dresses in your closet (and if you don't, lie to me and tell me you do. - now RUN and go get one, I'll wait) And while I love the maxi dress! there's still another piece missing from your closet - the maxi skirt of course! its twin! Worn casually or dressed up, this piece is essential for your summer and fall wardrobe.

You can wear any and all of the styles below... and don't forget the secret twist - pull that skirt up and belt it - it can easily be worn as a dress as well!! (See the splendid dress below)

Find your inner nicole richie and rock the maxi... don't forget your overside shades and all your bangles. Whether wedges or flats are your preference, give the peace sign, embrace the 70's, and go rock your long maxi skirt.

Find more fabulous long maxi's on Free Poeple's site here

drop it and make it a skirt! more examples on their site


Friday, July 8, 2011

summer lovin'

Although summer might be half way over - eek!! you still have a few summer vacation/get-away's left! Whether its a tropical vaca, a cruise, a bachelorette party, or a small town resort, it most likely will involve water, and it will most definitely involve you packing easy, yet stylish pieces.

Instead of being that girl who's suitcase is way too big and heavy, look effortless by packing lighter - and smarter. Pack that little black or white summer dress you feel so comfortable and sassy in, and wear it different every time! Change up your shoes, accessories, hats, scarfs, cardigans. Dress it up and dress it down. Try not to wear your favorite piece the exact same way. (safe girls, you know this is your favorite move, because in your mind you have your "exact" outfit picked out.) no more! mix it up! And you can do that just by slicing in your summer essentials.

come on pretty mama, adding different accessories to your everyday favorites will leave everyone thinking "how'd she fit all that in her small suitcase?"

One dress, 2 ways - belt it with flats and add bracelets, put it with wedges with a statement necklace. Unbelt it and pair with a floppy hat and sandals, cinch it and put it with printed heels... the possibilities are endless when it comes to accessories.

       Revolve BB Dakota Dress                                                             Lulu's BB Dakota Dress

Everything below can be paired with this dress, in many, many different combinations.
Dress: BB Dakota strapless A-symmetrical $74, also available in white.

Embrace the summer floppy hat. What's that?? No, its not too big! Go get one!! Whatever price range or quality you will be fabulous and can pair it with a dress and wedges, or over your sheer tunic and swimsuit.

          Juicy hat at Bloomingdales $78                                              Urban Outfitters $29

Fun, chunky bracelets. If you're thinking "do I have enough bracelets on?" then chances are you don't! mix your metals and styles, pile them all the way up your arm. You can opt for a mix of gold, loose bangles as well. Perfect for every summertime outfit.

Lulu's southwest bracelets $18

Gold cuff $28 at topshop


Neutral colored shoes always are flattering - they elongate your legs, and go with every color possible.
These will go with everything in your closet. EVERYTHING.

Ah yes, you who hate wearing heals... the perfect flats for summer!

    Earings Nordstrom $8                                                     Chunky Necklace topshop $40

Always be with at least one: Earrings, Necklace or Bracelets (but never all 3)
Especially earrings and necklace - keep it either/or.

Classic Aviators. The gold vs silver is a matter of preference (although gold feels warmer for summertime)
Everyone needs one nice pair of shades. $98 Marc by Marc at Nordstrom
Priced just high enough you won't loose them, and low enough if you do, you won't kill yourself.

Last of your summer fun accessories, invest is a great canvas bag. It will go with you everywhere, with everything, and you'll make sure to keep it clean, while stuffing everything in it.

have a blast on those summer vaca's and make your summer lovin' a stylish one
xo -Kate