Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Math Skills

Its a good thing I paid attention in Math. Laugh if you will, but my high school math teacher (Miss Brush)would literally give me visual pictures of a closet.... then somehow explain things to me until I finally understood what the heck she was talking about, and related it back to math. Somehow, after working hard every semester, I squeeked out an A thanks to Miss Brush.

All I know now is there is one simple formula you must learn and live your life by:

Real Price Tag = cost divided by the number of times you wear it

We can basically call this, cost per wear. (CPW, stay with me) Example, I splurged on a fabulous pair of jeans. Yes, jeans. I haven't bought a pair of contemporary, nice denim for a while, and with the flare, faded, high waisted denim everywhere I've been drooling over, I had to. They're Mother jeans, and I love them. Find them at Shopbop. I had gift cards from my birthday, and I thought a perfect way to spend it on something I usually wouldn't. The price? $220. ouch right? (Don't judge, I said I used gift cards) 
However, If we brought our equation into this situation, I've worn them about 15 times since May 16th. At this rate, $220/15 times worn I'm looking at $14.60 so far. Give me all the way into the fall season and they'll be paying me to wear these jeans!! ok, not really.

My point: they are an investment. Sometimes its worth laying off the cheapy forever 21 (sometimes, not always dear friends) If you lay off a little you can wait to save and wait to buy something nice that you LOVE.

Happy girl withmy new jeans

Another example this summer: I could walk into Foreign Exchange and buy a bunch of accessories, a cute top, or a dress and before I realize it, that can add up to $83 quick! (or spend this way through out the week at Target, or popping in th H&M, don't deny you do it!!) OR I could buy a pair of wedges I'll wear all summer long with dresses and skirts and flares and and and...

Say maybe wedges just like these... available at Zappos... for $83...

The catch: just not buying the little things here and there becuase "its only $10, or $20, or $13.80 at Forever 21. Who knows that top you thought was cute you've only worn it once, maybe twice by now, and you're over it.

I LOVE Charlie Jade dresses they are fantastic. They are perfect for all your summer weddings, summer showers, nice family events, vacationing, date night, and holiding onto it for next summer to wear it all over again (because its made nicely and will actually last until then)! You love it, figure out your CPW, and if its worth it, then get it! and know now that you must lay off your other purchases for a little bit! Its ok to treat yourself (working girl I'm talking to YOU!)

Find this Dress at Dolcetti Boutique
(don't worry they have an online site for those of you who aren't close enough to Downtown San Diego to experience they're fabulous store!)

I do love my inexpensive fixes sometimes. Don't think I"m a label snob, no ma'am!! But its important to mix your wardrobe with nicely made, invenstement pieces along side inexpensive, fun, trendy pieces. I just wore a dress similiar to this Charlie Jade dress to my sister's bridal shower, and mixed it with my inexpensive bangels and sandals from Foreign Exchange. You will be seeing me in my dress a plenty because I LOVE it!

So save, invest, hold off on cheapy's for a few weeks, and treat yourself to something you LOVE, and when you're contemplating whether you should buy it just remember: CPW - Cost Per Wear. 

Happy Investing!

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  1. There are so many things I love about this post!
    Here are a few...
    1. Miss Brush!
    2. "If you lay off a little you can wait to save and wait to buy something nice that you LOVE." How Dave Ramsey-ish of you!
    3. The Charlie Jade dress... one of my favorite items you've posted so far.
    4. That you used a photo of yourself! LOVE it!

    I'll be keeping that CPW in mind... and now Derick will, too. Thanks for that! : )