Thursday, August 18, 2011

oh what a hunk

Don't be fooled ladies, guys care as much about what they look like as we do. They just have a funny way of showing it.
So why not pay tribute to our leading men? first post in answer to popular demand: guys fashion.

Its simple really, you follow what the ladies do. Key in on your favorite looks, get some inspiration, and most importantly, find your favorite celeb you have a secret man crush on. For this example, we will be crushing on Zac Effron... not hard to pretend right?

From the red carpet to jeans and a tee, the man has style. but notice he's not wearing a ton of different wacky pieces. I seriously think guys could live off 10 pieces and change it up everytime... at least thats what I'm trying to convience the hubs so I can have more closet space ;)

Here are 10 things every man should have in his wardrobe: (*please note, the perfect fitting basic v or scoop neck tee is not on this list, because you should own this in black, white and grey already)
  1. Leather/vegan leather bomber
  2. Grey Denim
  3. Light-weight cardigan
  4. Long sleeve flannel
  5. A Black watch
  6. A Scraf
  7. A casual blazer
  8. The perfect shades
  9. A colored shoe besides black brown or white
  10. A great smelling cologne
And you're wardrobe's done fella's. My favorite places to find things for my man are H&M, Nordstrom, and Trucker's Deluxe. When in doubt, one of those places will have exactly what you're looking for.... some suggestions:

Nordstrom $99
The Leather bomber can go with a casual outfit, you're plaid flannel, perfect tee and a scarf, your ray-bans, pretty much every item on the top ten

why wear blue denim everyday? mix it up and again, can go back to EVERY item on the list

YOU MUST OWN. and if he does not ladies, go get him one.
Layer it with your screen tees and scarves

Trucker Deluxe $50
don't save it just for pants - put it with your shorts and "non-blk/brn" shoes.
Stick it under your bomber

                                                $290                                                  $70
What is it about a man and a black watch? It goes with your jeans and a blazer or with a plain screen tee.
Go get one

H&M $9.95
Don't get all "I'm too manyly to wear a scarf" 
Pair it with your bomber guys - or just a screen tee and your cardigan

H&M $69.95
LOVE a man with dark denim and a causal blazer with the perfect tee underneith.
I still melt when I see the hubs in his
Stick to dark denim, no light denim here. Light grey however, yes

Ray-Ban $140 Nordstrom
Classic. EVERYONE looks good in them

Colored shoes H&M $49.95
See? just a pop of color! perfect with your grey denim too.
Don't be scared

Men's delicious cologne $73 Nordstrom
One word: yum

And, just to get a quick pic of my man being super studly in his first ever cardigan wearing. Yeah, that only took me a year and a half of convenienceing. and worth every effort thank you very much
Cardigan and tee: foreign exchange. Jeans: Joes Jeans at Nordstrom. Shoes converse. Watch: G-Shock.

Style looks great on everyone - you too studs

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