Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who Says you can't own your own boutique?

One of the best wedding presents we received came from my mother-in-law. Somehow she just had this feeling that although our closet in our new condo was a great size, the 2 rods would not be enough for both my and her son's wardrobe (she's a very smart woman) with the help of my brother-in-law installing, Dash gave us a fabulous "new" closet - complete with shelves and double rods. We have a lot more space now thanks to Dash and Matt!
And sometimes the more space you have, the more cluttered it can become. We decided it was time to re-organize the closet. At first, I was just helping the hubs with his side, and then I thought my side could use a little love too... Just some tips to share on what should and shouldn't be in your closet, and how you can treat your closet as a boutique made special for you - so you have fun getting dressed every morning!! (way too cheesy to say, but don't burst my naive bubble and lets roll with it)

A few necessities. If you have the space, and plan on living where you are for a while, AND want to stay organized with all your clothes, then putting in closet shelving could be a great option.

They can design and install for you

lets you design you're own custom closet, and you install

Plenty of options from choosing design to buying simple closet accessories with no installation necessary.

THE BEFORES: as in, I took everything off the top shelves, anything that looked like it didn't belong and put it on in the middle to go through... not the fun part.

First things First: you need the right hangers!
"huggable hangers" at Costco. Box of 50 for $15!
you will save space, it will look organized and nothing will fall off the hangers again. I hate mish-mosh hangers. Keeping them all the same feels clean.

I figured the easiest way is to give the 360 overview.
Items that should be in your closet if you have the space

The tops: organize it like you see it in a boutique: by occasion.  Where are you wearing things to? Tee's in one group, casual tanks by those, dressy tops in another section, prints beside them, and long sleeves at the end. Group things together by "where" you're wearing them to, not just by color.

Leather Jackets, blazers, cardigans - anything that's a layering piece.
I also put this on the bottom rod because I don't reach for this everyday. Organize by convenience.

Sweaters. I only keep the ones I wear regularly on the shelf. The ones that don't see as much love are in the long bins undernieth my bed... but thats another conversation for later on. No need to cram sweaters in your closet you hardly wear.


The Sporting Event Shelf

all together now

Most shoes I keep in their boxes. It helps keep things neat. But for other shoes that don't come in boxes(ah-hem the "less-expensive" F21/H&M fabulous piesces) I keep on the shelves

All these babies are undernieth my dresses - so they're sort of hidden, but don't interfere too much or cause other clothes to wrinkle since its not crowded. If its an "investment shoe" they stay safe and clean in their box.

Transition Boots: $10 Samples Sale, BB Dakota. $36 on Lulu's (and they come in more colors!!)

Tie up booties. Both from F21 last fall season. Both under $30

Tall flat boots on bottom shelf.
And to think, living in So Cal boots are only statement pieces, not actual necesseties to keep warm. oh but who can resist!


Again - organize by event - much easier to find things.


My life is so much easier now that I fold my denim. They're too heavy to put on hangers, not to mention you save so much more space by folding. Skinnies in one pile, flares in the other, work/dress-up denim is seperated from "day-off" denim.

If you own a nice handbag that comes with a dustcloth than KEEP it in there while you don't use it! and if not, wrap it in a nice cloth or any soft fabric to preserve the life of the bag. And if its the bag you use everyday, lets be realistic, you can just set it on top for the night. We barely have the time and energy to wash our face at night, let alone slip our everyday bag in its dustcloth.

Moving on to THE MANLY SIDE

B's Dress shirts. Since they're all the same, organize from light to bright to dark. Much easier for him to find when coordinating to his ties. And if you dry clean your shirts, be sure to remove the plastic right away - keeping them on might cause order or the deterioration of your dress shirts.

B's Sweaters

B's Shoes and tops. Don't worry, I don't get anal if he can't remember how the heck I like to organize his tops. As long as he hangs his clothes on hangers, in the closet, I'm one happy woman.

I bought this shoe case for less than $20 at Target. Now B can keep his shoes clean and I may or may not have put a little air frenshiner in there...

Nice and neat under suits/Jackets

Ties, his belts, her belts. Found on the "closet aisle" at Target.
Smart guy - why not keep your ties ready to wear? genius.

And one of the two bins I keep underneath  our bed. Every season (once for spring, and once for fall) I rotate out pieces I know won't be worn for the next 6 months and put them in the bins. Once its time to bring them out 6 months later I either hang them in the closet, put them back in the bin for a "maybe I might still wear that later but don't want the clutter for now in my closet" pile, or I put it in the "give a way" pile. And that is how I keep your closet clean and organized.

And in my dream world I'd lighten everything, put a chic white shaggy rug down and throw a chandelier on the ceiling. Just to give it that true boutique experience. Make your closet fun - treat it like your own store, and most importantly, if you haven't worn something in a year: GIVE IT AWAY!! (or take it to a second hand store like buffalo exchange or crossroads - and get the cash - no need to clutter your closet with more clothes!!

Enjoy your new personal boutique!

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