Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Embrace your body type

You know when you see a girl, a stranger, a friend, and you think- she is sooooo cute! And you love her style!! Her clothes are amazing! You want to steal her entire look from head to toe! Ok maybe you're not as creepy about it as I am, but don't lie, you have some of these thoughts.

Want to know why you love what she's wearing? And why you think she looks so fabulous?

It could be the trend, it could be her style, it could be a certain label, but it ALWAYS involves dressing for her body type. Always.

Meaning each of us have a "body type" but most of the women walking around in this world are completely unaware of this (which is a horrific thought). Knowing your body type, and dressing for it, is the foundation, the start, the 101 for defining your style, and feeling confident with what you wear.

There are many different interpretations of body types, but they are all centered around these basic shapes. This is my opinion on the 4 body types, and I swear by them. ATTENTION: there is not a "right" or a "winner" among body types. Pears want apples legs, and hourglasses want rectangles lean body. And many and all between. Discover your body type and embrace it.


You are smaller on top, than you are on bottom. Your shoulders, chest, and waist are smaller than your hips, rear end and thighs. Your waist is your best feature.


You are smaller on bottom than you are on top. Your legs are thin and lean. Your middle and core is wider, and you (most likely) have a large chest. Your legs are your best feature.


You tend to be taller (but not always) and have more of an athletic body. You do not have a ton of curves but have a strong, lean frame. Your lean frame is your best feature.


Your waist is your smallest part. Your shoulders and chest are as wide and in proportion to your hips and rear end. Your curves are your best feature.

Petite girl, I did not forget bout you. But in your adorable, petite frame, you are still one of these 4. Adjust slightly for your petite built but know all of this applies to you as well.

The last key piece to this whole body type thing: there is a celebrity out there with your body type. Find her and mimic her. Be inspired by her. Pick your favorite pieces she wears and make them work for you.

Lastly, you did not hear me say you can only dress for your body type, it simply is the easiest way to make your already chic wardrobe that much better. You will feel oh so stylish and much more confident just by tweaking things a bit to better flatter your shape. You know the days when you think, ugh I HATE what I'm wearing? 9 times out of 10, it can relate back to not dressing for your body type. 10 out of 10 times it is for me.

More to come: a blog for each body type. How to know exactly which one you are, how to now dress for it, and what celebrity you should be stalking to find out how they dress for their/your specific body type. Stay tuned my little unique body type friends.

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