Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall transition

I'm obsessed. With Fall. Boarderline creepy, but I absolutely love fall. Christmas is a close second. Maybe its the pumpkin spice latte's I can finally order and become addicted to, maybe its the candycorn (nevermind that its about 7.5 calories PER candy corn) Or maybe its the beloved game of football. Maybe its my childhood memories of growing up in beautiful Auburn, CA where the leaves change into breath taking colors; or maybe it's our annual fall trip to Apple Hill, the cutest place in the world... or lets face it, it might just be for the clothes.

And how did a girl like me end up in southern california, where it rains twice a year and barely dips below 65? How am I not in seattle or something?! Or New York or Boston. I love my so cal home, but for those of you who live in a warmer climent, and are ready for fall, take heart dear friends. We absolutely can rock fall right now, despite the warmer weather. Its Fall Transition...


Must be in your closet transition pieces: light, short boots, light weight scarves, hats, maxi dresses/skirts. These paired together with your every day clothes are matches made in fall heaven. It's really the art of layering. When it's cooler in the morning put on your boyfriend cardigan and light scarf, and by the afternoon when it's warm you can peel off the layers one by one.

It's also the illusion of looking fall. Keep all your pieces light weight. If you're wearing shorts, pair it with a light weight cardigan, or a loose 3/4 sleeve tee with a light scarf. Pair your maxi dress with a sleeveless sweater. If your covering legs, keep your shoulders bare; if your shoulders are covered them show them legs with some shorts/skirts and peeped toe boots!! And don't forget your big shades and floppy hat!

Lastly, put the summer colors away. Simply wearing a fall colored tank top with a camel or brown hat and maxi skirt makes an automatic chic fall look! Feathers are still strong so layer away and pile on the fun accessories.

Embrace the days getting shorter, the delicious crisp apples, Sunday football games, and of course, boots, scarves, maxi's and lots of transition pieces!!!

xo kate

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