Saturday, September 10, 2011


We're here!!! Our much anticipated italy and israel trip (thanks to my stud of a husband who was awarded the trip through work) we've been here in Venice for a few days now and are headed to Israel tomorrow for part 2 of this dreamy trip

And while everything is wonderful, and I have hundreds of beautiful photos that I will post later via Facebook etc, I thought, dear friends, we should talk about the ever important subject here: what to wear when traveling!!!!

The first part of our trip was spent in the beautiful seaside town of Riva del Garda, Province of Trento Italy (view from our hotel room below) it was beautiful. We spent a short time there and proceeded to Verona the next day. Verona had fascinating history and architect. Truly amazing. We ended our travel for the day by charter bus to Venice (Tip: I always travel with a cashmere (or super soft) scarf so it can act as a blanket or pillow etc) and finally took a water taxi to our hotel (hotel danieli- it's a vintage, classy, timeless hotel, truly fantastic)

I knew to wear comfortable shoes - I wasn't going to be prancing around in heels or anything (well, for daytime at least not). But I was determined to not let comfort over-shadow fashion. You absolutely can have the combo. I'm happy to report, I've been nice and comfy all trip. No Birkenstocks or dirty, out-dated tennis shoes in sight!!

I've had my eye on sheer, wide legged, palazzo pants ever since MAGIC. Found below for less than $30 at Mine came from...a store that continues to blow me away with little tiny secret finds, F21.

You know how length, especially flowy drapery length, is still so strong for this fall and into spring '12? These pants allow for that trend but give more character. You absolutely can and should rock a pair of these palazzo pants. Mine had a boyfriend short lining and the rest was a little sheer. It has the appearance of a skirt, but is unexptently pleasant when you see they are in fact pants. If it's a print, pair with a fitted solid tank or top, layer with a cardigan and put flats for casual day time and wedges or heels for night. It absolutely can be worn in place of a casual dress. And if they're solid, mix and match with prints on top or play out the bold color-blocking trend.

So go out there, rock the palazzo's and give the unexpected edge to what could be just another maxi.


Pants: forever 21
Tank: BB Dakota
Bag: H&M
Hat: purchased in Italy at Stafenel

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