Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twice as nice. Venice and Jerusalem.

We're in Israel now! And had an amazing day in Jerusalem and Bethlehem yesterday. We visited the church of nativity, the wailing western wall, King David's grave/room of the Last Supper, and much much more.

Within the orthodox Jewish culture, it's very important women dress appropriately, according to the orthodox Jewish law. It's a beautiful culture with big families who love to grow their extended families to as many as possible with lots of children. Learn a lot more interesting things about their culture and why they wear what they wear http://www.orthodox-jews.com/orthodox-jewish-women

Naturally, to visit some of these places, dressing conservatively is mandatory. You do not need to be covered from neck to wrist to ankle, but shoulders and above the knee must be covered. Since I brought plenty of maxi dress for the trip, it was the easiest thing to wear. It was tank top sleeve, and my shoulders needed to be covered. I threw a crop tee over the dress. I'd easily wear this at home. Remember a maxi dress can always be a skirt! Pair a loose fitted tee (cropped works great for this look) and you have boho chic and LA cool all in one look. I wore it with flats and the outfit is done.

Overlooking Jerusalem.

And in case we haven't crossed all the way over to the superficial side of things, the saddest thing that happened to me this far was just awful: I forgot all of my bracelets and bangles at home :( horrific i know. I thought the only place in the world I might receive an empathetic "oh no!" would be right here with my fashion loving friends. You know how I love my bangles.... That to say, I would've stacked those suckers up my Arm for this look.

Church of the nativity is built over the stable and manger where it is said Jesus was born. It was so beautiful. The entrance is a tiny door- representing the eye of the needle in Jesus' teaching. Our tour guide was loaded with information! There was a group visiting from Germany and sang beautifully in the "catholic section". (the other 2 parts/supporters of this church are the Greek and Arminian churches along with the catholic church)

Our super fun group!!! All of b's colleagues. And their "plus one guest". Good thing he picked me.

Me and hubs.
On Brendan: top H&M. Shorts: H&M. Shades: ray bans. Shoes: rainbows.

The best part is this top was a "repeat" on the trip. I already wore it once during the day in Venice with cut-offs and a belt. With the most comfortable black bandeau with straps. Since the top is oversized it works perfect over a bandeau (found on lulus.com)

In Venice. Top: lulus. Shorts: joes jeans. Bandeau: lulus.com

In Jerusalem: Top: lulus. Maxi dress: forever 21
Loved my cooler for my water bottle. It didn't leave my side.

Mix and match your prints. Printed dress? Layer solid on top... Visa versa.

Nastygal.com dress. $61.60

Nastygal.com dress $40

Pair it with.....

Nastygal.com $48

Nastygal.com $23.90

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  1. If you have some time left to shop, I'm sure you could find some great bracelets/bangles in Old City Jerusalem. And of course to make your shopping even more fun, I'm sure you could get a lot for little if you are good at bargaining... and I can picture you being great at that... way better than I am. You can find some great scarves in the Old City too!