Monday, October 17, 2011

Delicious, crisp Apple

Body type #2 ... The yummy apple shape. You know whats crazy? No matter what Apple I've talked to, she has said the same thing: "I don't want to be an Apple" where I say, why the heck not??!!! Do you know how scrumptious your legs are??? They are delicious!! And do you know who's an Apple? And she's stunning? Carrie Underwood (really? you don't want to be Carrie?) And just maybe after you read a little more about the Apple and how fab the Apple is, you will never have those horrific thoughts about not wanting to be an Apple. Apples, it's time.

Carrie Underwood is the perfect Apple. We all know she has the best legs in Hollywood. (confession: I may or may not blast Carrie on my ipod during my leg workouts) regardless, she has killer legs, and meets all the criteria for an Apple.

To review:

  • Are your legs one of the leanest part of your body?
  • Is your midsection the first area you tend to gain and maintain extra weight? And is it one of the hardest places to tone?
  • Are you simply more "top heavy"? And possibly have a largest chest? (not always, but mostly)

Then you are an Apple!! Just like Carrie! (lucky you!)

Since you, Carrie, I mean Apple, have such great legs, you can go ahead and let us know by drawing more attention to them - we won't get mad (jealous maybe, but not mad) and just in case this is the first time you're thinking "well, I do have nice legs, and I guess my middle is my hardest part to whittle down, I think you could describe me as 'top heavy' ... Then embrace the apple style. Get out your skinny jeans, your mini skirts, cute shorts, and fitted bottoms. You can rock skinnies with flat, short boots, and flat sandals. You don't need to embrace heels (as much as the pear or hourglass) until you pull out your mini skirts or feminine dresses.

The most flattering cut for you up top is the v-neck. It elongates your top half and gives the illusion of a more vertical line (especially if you have a large bust, this is the way to show the least amount of cleavage) when you, Apple, wear a scoop neck or square neck, you may appear even bustier (especially for those of you who are larger busted or feel more self cautious about it) however, the sweetheart cut can be flattering when done tastefully. Please note the golden rule of style: either show legs are chest tastefully, never both (and you Apple always have the ability to wow with the former every time)

When wearing dresses, seek out as many long sleeve mini's as you can find. Pair them with flats, heels, short flat boots and tall heeled boots. Dress them up with lots of necklaces or bangles - but the only thing you cannot do is belt it. In fact, belts aren't too necessary in your wardrobe, Apple. You should find your friend Pear, and do an even swap: you need to give her your skinny belts, and she needs to give you her long sleeve mini's. Did you hear me say you can never wear belts? No. They are simply not the most flattering for your shape. If you do want to belt it, or want to cinch at your waist, then opt for a big, wide belt.

Lastly, think outside the box. You need a pair of skinny, colored denim (think red, teal or bright blue) - your legs will be delicious. Also, this fall, reach for colored or textured tights. Something the pair might feel self-conscious in, but you sweet Apple, shouldn't give it a second thought! Layer that with loose long scarves (bunching them around your neck too tight and too layered will not lengthen you - but keeping them open, long and easy will) Go outside the box and find the perfect one shoulder dress. It will elongate your top half; it doesn't always need to be fitted, and it doesn't have to be sleeveless. Find a flowy, one-shoulder, loose dress. Your options are endless, you are a sassy little minx, now start dressing like it.

Essentials for the Apple Wardrobe:

  • Short flat boots
  • Long sleeve mini dress
  • Bright colored skinnies
  • Colored/textured tights
  • V-necklines
  • Oversized v-neck tees
  • One-shoulder dresses
  • Wide belts only (and if necessary)
  • Trapeze/mod style silhouettes
  • Long scarves for layering (but keep them long)

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  1. Thanks Kate :) Love reading your blog and love that I'm an Apple.