Sunday, October 2, 2011

The perfect pear

Member when we talked about embracing your body type.... Body type #1 to discuss: "the pear"

Just to review, understanding and owning your body type is the underlining link to feeling confident with what you wear. Plus the added benefit of developing your style and understanding what trends you can rock, and what trends you may only want to try once or twice (depending on how comfortable you feel) But regardless of your body type (remember each one is great, and there's no "bad" or "wrong" body type) there are so many options when it comes to style.

First things first: how do you know exactly what body type you are? You might already know, by how your clothes fit. And if your not sure, heres a quick easy little quiz to help you figure it out!
Take the quiz here

Ok pretty pear, time to define your style.

Just to confirm:

  • are you smaller up top- your shoulders and bust (usually a b cup or smaller)?
  • Is your waist as narrow, or even a tiny smaller than your shoulders and bust?
  • Are your hips, thighs, and rear-end your widest part?

Then you, my friend, are a pear.

A celebrity to look to with a pear shape is Lauren Conrad. Confession: I was not a fan of Lauren during her time on The Hills. However, she has developed a style for herself, and really does rock the pear shape.

Tips for pears: belts are your friend, skirts and dresses that are "fit and flare" are your best friend. Embrace the feminine look, this truly compliments your shape best. Don't be afraid to show your legs, but if you are more self conscious about them than opt for a length right above the knee, or rock the maxi length as much as you want!

To add balance to your fuller, lower half, become friends with your tried and true black blazer. And if you're willing, which you should be! then find one with strong shoulders, or shoulder pads to give illusion of a fuller top portion. You can wear this blazer with anything. It will work specifically with all the skirts and dresses. It will go with flares, with skinnies, with shorts when you want to dress them up. You can literally wear it with everything. Go get one now if you do not have one in your closet. A tip for the blazer: roll your sleeves when wearing, it doesn't come cross so serious and structured.

You may be thinking, ok, I think I'm a pear, but I'm not the type to be all feminine and girly and wear skirts and dresses all the time. If you are the type that associates dresses/skirts with dressing up, it is time to never think those false thoughts again! Dresses do not equal dressing up. You can make them casual, you can wear them in the day, you can pair them with flat sandals in the summer and boots in the fall. You can wear them in solids to keep them causal and prints for when you want to be bold. But don't ever think you'll be too dressy by wearing a dress or skirt. It is impossible.

Lastly, jeans are a bread and butter to your wardrobe. As a pear, your most flattering cuts are boot cut and flares. Both cinch at the waist, and bring balance again at the bottom to be in proportion to your "pear" shape. Especially with the flare, you can really rock the high-waisted flare (pretty please!!!) think about it, you have the best body type for the high waisted flare, so why not rock it?! You will fall in love. Side note: heels will do amazing things for you, Pear. However high they are, your rear end will be that much higher off the ground, elongating you and lifting in all the right places. Do not be afraid of the heels. If you haven't embraced them yet, start this fall season with the chunky heeled boot. Theyre the easiest to wear, and you wont feel too dressy in them.

When wearing your skinny jeans (yes pear, you can still wear your skinnies and "jeggings") just be sure to pair it with loose, flowy or chunky tops. You always want to be proportioned, never wearing fitted and fitted or loose and loose Pick and choose either top or bottom portions for one or the other. And pair your skinnies with heels for extra leg length!

Essentials for the Pear wardrobe.

  • Fit and flare dresses
  • Skirts
  • Belts
  • Bootcut and flare jeans
  • High waisted bottoms
  • Strong shoulder blazers
  • Maxi length dresses and skirts
  • Nude heels
  • Heeled boots
  • Belts, belts, belts

find where to get each piece from my polyvore here

find where to get each piece from my polyvore here


  1. Kate I cannot believe no one has commented on this yet. Sheer brilliance this series! I am also so excited you didn't pick someone who is a plus sized model for pear because that is usually what I'm shown when people say that body type. Even though I am not a pear, I am loving this! Keep up the good work!

  2. love it!!!! well written and practical. your blog makes me want to shop!!! :)

  3. loved the article but loved even more that you give us LC as role model for all the peared shapes wandering (including me!!!) out there =) thank you

  4. I'm always wary of Primark but these look great! Lovely post . Skinny Jean Belts

  5. You've nailed it. Never thought about it before, buy only come around to wearing loose tops with skinniest in the last year, and wondered if it was right. Thanks for the great tips. Also good are the skirt length advice, I always do above the knee up to mid thigh (looks amazing but counterintuitive) or full skimming maxi.