Friday, October 21, 2011

The rectangle

Body type #3 is the rectangle... There are actually 2 different types to the rectangle. One type is oh-so long and lean, easily the envy of every calorie counter or diet obsessed woman out there. And the best part Rectangle? You don't even have to try. You can pretty much eat anything you want, work out if you feel like it, and nothing changes on your body... You're usually tall and thin, not having tons of curves... And mimic the Cameron Diaz body type. Just so it's not too confusing when differentiating between the 2 types of rectangles, we will refer to you as Cameron. Or Cami if you like.

Then there's the other type of rectangle. You've been an athlete forever. You love your clean, lean, veggie-filled diet, you can't live without your gym routine, and you may be a cross-fit know it all. Your body is fit, lean and can be muscular, naturally. And you love every bit of it. You are the Jessica Biels of the world... So for you Jess, all these things still apply.

To review Rectangle

  • Are you tall and thin?
  • Are you athletically built?
  • Are you small chested?
  • Are you lacking a true defined waist?
  • Do you not have a lot of "curves"? (I.e. Chest, hips, rear)
  • Do you have a rocking body and can be compared to either Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift, or Jessica Biel and Hope Solo?
    • Then you are a fabulous Rectangle

    The best thing you can do for your body, Rectangle, is to accentuate what you have, and give the illusion of what you don't. Since you don't have a ton of natural curves, make some up. Play up your shape with lots of ruffles, bold colors, prints and volume. The hourglass cannot get away with these things as easily as you can. You are the one body type that has the chance to actually give yourself more volume, and look even better while doing it. (something the other shapes do not have the luxury of.)

    You may however want to stay clear of a few things (but not always of course) All body types should avoid a tight top with tight bottoms (or lose on lose) but you Rectangle especially should. This will make your minimal curves appear even smaller. Also, like the apple, thin belts should be avoided. This might give the illusion of being "split in half" where your body could be cut in two, looking even more "rectangley" and less curvy.

    For you Jessica, sport girls out there, you're used to being confident in the gym, or field, or court. Time to move that confidence into your wardrobe. Your body is banging!!! Stop hiding it under hoodies! (did i say to never wear your hoodies? no) but you have some of the best bodies out there, and you should show them off more (ahem, little sister). You are hiding in your comfy clothes- no more! Embrace prints, colors, stripes (especially stripes for you Camerons because they'll give a fuller appearance) no more hiding that fabulous body Jess

    The irony is Rectangle, since your confidence usually comes in your competitiveness and activeness, you can be hesitant with bolder things - which is exactly what your body type needs!! As scary as it sounds, go find bold, fun prints! (think animal or snake print, camel, 70's style floral, or bright, bold colors.) If you're too hesitant to wear it in a head to toe dress or jumper, then at least put it up top. Gravitate towards a shirt or dress with ruffles to add volume. Find a pair of colored denim (think red, plum, or electric blue) to break up your long and lean frame. Be sure to pair it with an oversized top. Add scarves to your wardrobe. It will give color, add volume, give the unexpected edge you need (yes, comfy girl, you can still wear your scarves with jeans and a tee shirt, right in your comfort zone.)

    In addition to scarves as layering pieces, find the perfect oversized soft cardigan (and to think, it'd be the perfect replacement for your hoodie). A blazer is also the perfect staple item for you. Layer it over an oversized tee as well. Find a blazer in either a staple color (black or grey) or even a pop of color, or both!!

    Lastly when going to a special occasion, grab something that's more than just the little black dress. Are you getting annoyed by me yet? FIND BOLD COLOR! Opt for a one shoulder or something with a wide hem- anything that gives more shape- something all other body types wish they could pull off as chic as you. Add some edge by getting a pair of tights this fall. Either colored or grey (you don't need black for slimming purposes, so rock something different- textured even.)

    Essentials for the Rectangle

    • Lots of prints
    • Ruffles on tops or dresses
    • Colored denim
    • Bold colors
    • Fun scarves
    • Colored/textured tights
    • Stripes
    • Dresses with volume
    • A-symmetrical cuts or uneven hems
    • Oversized cardigan
    • A perfect fitting blazer

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