Sunday, November 27, 2011

True Beauty... Buy a hat, change a life.

During this time of year I sometimes get discouraged. Don't get me wrong, you won't find a girl out there who loves the holidays as much as I do But the obsession of the "latest greatest" wears on me. Do I sound like a walking irony??!! since all I can talk about is the latest trends and styles you MUST HAVE! Well with that said.... Let me introduce you to the Goodfellows, a family (and wife/mom) who posses a beauty and attraction that the latest craze can't duplicate...

We met the Goodfellows at our church a few years back. They have 4 kids (which make them automatic Cotter heroes!) and they live life in the most simplistic way. About a year ago they decided to move their entire family of 6 to Peru. They packed up the necessities and made the move to help plant a Krochet Kids in Lima, Peru.

If you don't know about Krochet Kids (sold at Nordstrom) it started by a few college guys after a trip to Uganda with a simple goal in mind: empowering women in Northan Uganda to break the cycle of poverty by creating steady jobs. Their job? Crocheting hats! Among other things. Take the time to read the Krochet Kids story here.

I think about the Goodfellows often. Whenever I start to sound like the whiney Orange County girl. The girl who gets caught up in the latest, greatest; the girl who thinks she has nothing to wear. The girl who stresses out over the silliest things. My mind drifts to them not because I think they have without, but rather I think of them because of all they do have. The boldness to up and move their entire family with a few suitcases each to an entirely different country. The fearlessness of pulling their kids out of their schools only to learn and be taught in a brand new language. The courage to know that they are stepping out to do something so very few people would act on. The "beauty" that is produced out of this boldness to help change the lives of other people is what inspires me. Following their blog is worth it! Sarah is real, she'll share the good times and the rough times. One of my favorite posts is this one ...or this one. They're all good!! Reading the things they share is a beauty that's missing from our everyday busy-bubbled culture.

I love fashion. I love knowing what the runways and designers will say is the next big trend. But when I start to feel the emptiness of trying to compete with all of it- of the constant chase of it all (not just clothes!), I think of my friends, the Goodfellows. And although they moved to help impact the people of Peru, I have no doubt they're making the same strong impact on those who miss them in Orange County as well.

I mean, could these kids be any cuter?!!!!

Riley with new friends at her birthday party

Riley with new friends at her birthday party

Tyler helping out with watching one of the Krochet Kids lady's baby



Krochet Kids is the perfect Gift for the holidays! Or even if you wanted to make a donation (especially for the new Peru location) Every hat carries with it the signature of the woman who crocheted it. Learn more about the woman who made your hat and see how you are directly impacting her and her family here

Be inspired by the beauty around us... Lets not be too busy or too stressed to miss it- during the holiday season and all year round.