Monday, January 30, 2012

LA Market: the Calista

It happens 5 times a year... the wonderful, fabulous LA Market! (depending on your definitions of wonderful and fabulous that is) Regardless, it is a time of fresh season, fun buyers, and floors upon floors of clothes.

During the week of Market, I am always sure to be in "buy now, wear now" clothes... meaning, the buyers see it on, they see its in the spring delivery thats shipping now, and BOOM! they have to have it in their store this second!! doesn't always work like that, but I like to think it does. With that said... here are some fabulous BB Dakota pieces that can be worn now for spring- one day of market at a time. Never mind that it might be much cooler where you are located, it is more to inspire you by giving you the freedom not to wear your tall, flat boots every day anymore. Time to mix it up, layer pieces, and feel fresh as the new season: Spring!


Wear your spring maxi's!! and if you love the Calista you can buy it at, shop bop, revolve and of course BB Dakota



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